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About Mel Waite, Photographic Artist

Mel Waite is a New Zealand Photographer and Artist

Photography has always been a big part of my world.

I’ve been working with a camera one way or another for most of my adult life (and some of my teenage life too, if we’re being specific).

Much of my photography career has almost exclusively focused on capturing people – from family photos and weddings, to branding and corporate shots – and then, enter 2020. Covid lockdowns meant that photographing people wasn’t an option, so I flexed my creative muscles and took my well-developed photography skills in a new direction.

I started experimenting with object-based art and fell in love with the process – and this experiment quickly grew into something much bigger. Now, my art career sits nicely alongside my photography one, and on any given day, you’ll find me photographing people, things, object and knick-knacks, creating both timeless portraits and intricate artworks.

Mel Waite is based in Porirua | Photographic Artist

I live in Porirua, New Zealand, with my Craig and our cat, Monster, working away from my custom-built, home-based photography studio.

While I love nothing more than to use my skills as an artist and photographer to create things that give people a little bit of joy, I’m also a massive comic book geek (Marvel over DC anyday), I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars (though will watch either because they’re both just so good) and I try my hardest to not take myself too seriously (although I often fail at this). 

Mel Waite, Photographic Artist, Porirua New Zealand