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Memorial Kaleidoscopes

Memorial Kaleidoscopes by Mel Waite Photographic Artist Porirua

When my husband’s much-loved grandfather, Arnie, passed away, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren spent countless hours going through his possessions and working out who would take which personal items of his as mementos - and we found that more often than not, there was more than one person wanting a specific item to remember him by. Coupled with the family’s sadness of having to say goodbye to not only him, but also his iconic much-prized and well-loved garden and shed.

This is where the idea for memorial kaleidoscopes was born. How could I encapsulate all of these different items and memories in a way that the whole family could enjoy? How could I pull together so many significant pieces and visually capture the essence of a person? Using these items, along with cuttings from his garden and things form the shed, I created a kaleidoscope piece that everyone could have a copy of - a piece of art that they could hang in a special place, and forever be a reminder of a much-loved person who is no longer with us.

As with the family kaleidoscopes, to create your memorial kaleidoscope I will come to your home, or the home of your loved one and work with you to capture images of items and pieces that have meaning and memories attached. I will then take these images back to my studio where I will work to create a special memorial kaleidoscope for you and your family to treasure.