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Commissioned Kaleidoscope process

Commissioned Kaleidoscope Photographic Art by Mel Waite Artist

First thing's first

Have a look through my gallery to get an idea of my existing work, and note down which pieces you love (and also which you aren’t a fan of). This helps me to get a feeling for the style you enjoy and the type of artwork you’d like me to create. 

Pricing: Pricing for custom pieces varies depending on a number of factors, so please contact me for a bespoke quote and pricing guide. As an indicator, my pricing for custom kaleidoscopes begins at $1600, and all prices include a finished framed and ready-to-hang piece of art.

Get in touch

If you are keen to get your custom kaleidoscope underway, reach out to me via my contact form or drop me an email. It’s really handy if you let me know what type of kaleidoscope you are after, and share a little bit about everyone who is going to be involved.


Start dates of custom kaleidoscopes may depend on any prior commitments - however I understand that memorial kaleidoscopes can sometimes be time sensitive so I will do my very best to work in with any time requirements for capturing the items. Typically you can expect to receive your finished piece approximately 4-6 weeks after I have photographed your items.


Once you have made your selection from my pricing guide and we have booked a date for me to come and capture your items, I require a 50% deposit prior to commencing the project. The full balance is then due prior to delivery - just as it would if you were to purchase a piece from my website.

Please Note...

Before I complete the Kaleidoscope, I will send you an image of your draft kaleidoscope to sign off and at this point, you can request one change (if required) to the piece. Any additional alterations will incur a change. 

Mel Waite Photography gift vouchers can be used toward commissioned kaleidoscopes.

If you have any further questions about this process, just reach out, I am always happy to hear from you!